In Mandala digital marketing we specialize in understanding your needs and getting the message transmitted with ingenuity and elegance on any screen or device. Our multimedia products reflect the high quality of production through the right combination of art design, sound and animation. As a result, our work catches the attention of viewers instantly.

Our services include:



In Mandala Digital Marketing our expert animators create 2D characters or images by using traditional animation techniques. Bitmap graphics or 2D vector graphics are created first and then animated. We offer 2D animation services for movies, e-Learning courses, product demonstrations, games, corporate presentations, website banners, animated logos and simulations.


Our skilled animators in Mandala Digital Marketing begin the 3D animation process by using polygons to create shapes.

Digital armor is used to give life to the figures. We can bring characters and 3D images to life for your movie, game, product demos, website, TV show or presentation.

We also offer modeling and texturing of 3D products and 3D space design for product demos and high impact presentations. If you need to sell properties such as apartments, homes or farms, the 3D space design will be a great option in the process of selling and attracting potential customers.


Our storyboards can help your company save thousands of dollars in production costs by showing the exact sequence of the scene or film to be shot in advance. These storyboards are especially useful for your photography directors, as they can visualize how you want the project to be shot. Whether photo-realistic or single-line, we offer both black and white and different color styles to illustrate scene-by-scene storyboards. We can help you preview a movie, interactive video, electronic game or moving graphics, among others.


At Mandala digital marketing we make unique illustrations for your company. The illustration has many applications. We can illustrate book covers, websites, magazines, packaging and corporate characters. Do not hesitate to tell us your idea: our specialists are experts in turning those ideas into great illustrations.