“Thanks to the work of Mandala Digital Marketing, every month we have real potential customers interested in our apartments for sale. Needless to say, our sales have increased thanks to the effective strategy of Mandala, which has been very beneficial to our construction company."  Nathalia Alvarez. Eva Construcciones


“We did not benefit from social media for many years, but after we hired Mandala Digital Marketing, we realized how important these networks are for today’s businesses. Alina Jenkins Realty Group has grown thanks to Mandala Digital Marketing!” Alina Jenkins (Alina Jenkins Realty Group)

Case Studies


Frame of reference: Yourcasa is a company associated with real estate agents, mortgage companies, home inspectors and lawyers. When a client needs to buy or sell a home, he/she only calls Yourcasa and receives references (free of charge) from the most qualified professionals who can help them in their area. This firm has been on the real estate market of the United States for 3 years.

The challenge: Yourcasa attracts people by educating them in the process of buying and selling homes. The target audience is the Hispanic population living in the United States; that is why it is necessary to produce and publish content in English and Spanish.

The solution: Mandala Digital Marketing produces and publishes three content marketing articles per week (12 articles per month) to educate potential customers about real estate.

The results: 1. “Your home” (website in English) and “Su casa” (site in Spanish) improved the position in search engine results for specific terms related to real estate: SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 2. Your home increased 20% in the social commitment of consumers. 3. The firm improved brand loyalty.



Benchmark: Alina Jenkins Realty Group has been on the market for over 22 years. This company offers real estate services for people looking to buy or sell a home in North Metro Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

The challenge: Since the main source of customers for this company is by word of mouth, Alina Jenkins Realty Group expected to have close relationships with customers. After the real estate agent served a client, he/she must keep in touch with that person in different ways. The digital world is one of them.


The solution: Mandala Digital Marketing proposed an aggressive campaign in social media to keep customers in touch with the brand.

The results: There was a 100% increase in commitment. The clients were very active: they shared, liked and commented on the information published, daily so that the contact with the brand could be successfully fulfilled.



Frame of reference: Civideportes is a company that builds sports scenarios such as tennis courts and multipurpose courts. This company also offers maintenance and repair services for sports venues. Civideportes has been in the Colombian market for more than 13 years.

The challenge: Civideportes contacted us because they wanted to grow their brand online. In the past, Civideportes did a marketing campaign in Google Adwords and the result was an increase in sales. The company realized that the best sales channel was the Internet.

The solution: Mandala Digital Marketing proposed that Civideportes uses the results of organic or natural search in the search engines, called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In this way, Civideportes could generate traffic to the website and get more potential customers.

Mandala Digital Marketing executed a digital marketing plan with the following activities:

1. Created a new website (civideportes.com.co) that was SEO Friendly or search engine friendly.

2. Configured profiles on social networks and managed them daily.

3. Made two short videos of content marketing on a monthly basis.

4. Developed multimodal content for content marketing in: social media, website and email marketing.

5. Edited and sent two newsletters each month to 4,000 potential customers.


1. The website created for Civideportes appeared on the first page of Google search results with three keywords relevant to the business.

2. There was a 15% increase in the sales of the company.

3. The Civideportes brand grew in the digital world